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Modern homes are created for energy savings, but secure closures can lead to stale indoor air.

A home ventilation system in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, can resolve that issue by exchanging stale indoor air with fresh exterior air.

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Does Your Living Space Require Additional Ventilation?

There are a handful of indications that you need more ventilation in your residence.

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Odors Will Not Go Away

You could possibly have a home air movement concern if you have problems eliminating smelly smelly air, like cooking smells or cigarette smoke.

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Heavy Air

Your living space’s air should be fresh, not musty.

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Too Much Dirt Particles

While some dust particles are unavoidable, space with inadequate air movement may hold excessive dirt.

5 Advantages of a Good Ventilation System

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Here are a few advantages of installing a ventilation system to your home:
  1. Enhances most HVAC equipment.
  2. Adds crisp air without having to open windows.
  3. Allows you to keep clear of mildew, mold and allergen buildup.
  4. Removes rotten odors.
  5. Can improve your residence’s interior air freshness.

Which Exact Ventilation System is Right for Your Home?

There are two kinds of ventilation systems—heat recovery ventilation (HRV) and energy recovery ventilation (ERV).

While the two are appropriate for recent or renovated energy-saving houses, the style you need relies on your local conditions. Homes in some areas, such as the the middle of the United States, can take advantage of both systems.

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Heat Recovery Ventilation

  1. Best for frigid climates.
  2. Removes air from your house and switches it with refreshing air from out of doors.
  3. Maintains warmth so you don’t have to reheat the refreshing air.

Energy Recovery Ventilation

  1. Best for warm or humid parts of the country.
  2. Distributes heat and excess moisture outside.
  3. Balances dampness so you can run your air conditioning not as much.

Love Healthier Air with Better Home Ventilation

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